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The names of the metal finishes we use are

Matt finishes:

  • Electro Black (matt black)
  • Antique Brass (rolled brass, uneven),
  • Antique Gold (a duller, ancient kind of gold)
  • Antique Copper (a darker, uneven, dark red/brown finish)
  • Matt Rose Gold (matt red copper-like)
  • Matt Nickel (matt silver with a matt look)

Glossy finishes:

  • Nickel (shiny silver)
  • Gun metal (black nickel)
  • Rose Gold (Shiny red copper)
  • Iridescent Rainbow (This colour varies for each piece, and none of the items is exactly alike. You may get some that are pink, purple, yellow or blue, etc., because they are all different. They don’t change colour but have the look of iridescence. We cannot select specific colours for you)
  • Light Gold (shiny light/warm gold)

These names do not say anything about the actual composition of the product.
If you buy an old Gold lock, it’s not real gold, unfortunately for you ;). Nor are the nickel items made out of nickel.

What is the difference between Antique Brass and Antique Gold?

They both do have similar patterns. However, gold is shinier and carries a more yellow tone. Antique Brass has a duller tone and isn’t quite vibrant.

Is your light gold the same as the light gold I buy from….

That is hard to say. For the simple reason that there are multiple finishes out there.
Some Shiny gold is more white, others are more yellow, and some have a more red hue.
Our warm gold is the same as you can buy from Emmaline (collection up to 2020), Moremeknow and BringBerry. We have not tested the other companies yet.


All the items in our webshop are chosen with “bagmaking” in mind. Of course, they can also often be used for other purposes (our customers are often very creative in their applications). Still, Serial Bagmakers is not responsible for durability when used outdoors.

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