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bg bottom adapter for hand press machine


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12 in stock

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This bottom adapter from our bg brand will transform your hand press machine with an opening of 19 mm to one that is 11,97 mm.

You can use European dies on an American/Chinese machine.

Hand press machine from the USA and China mostly have a bottom opening that is 19 mm and a top with an M8 screw.
Hand press machine from Japan and Europe mostly have a bottom opening that is 11,97 mm and a top with an M6 screw.

So when you buy your dies, you need to make sure, that these dies work with your machine.

You can use an adapter in your machine to make them fit your dies.
We sell bottom dies so you can fit smaller dies on machines with a bigger opening and sell top die screws to transform an M6 screw on machines with an M8 opening.

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