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Bridge connector 25 mm – Nickel (2 pack)


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Sold in a pack of 2.

9 in stock

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These bridge connectors are sometimes known as bridges, strap connectors or strap keepers. Call them whatever you like, the quality of these gorgeous bridge connectors will serve you well. You should be able to get one or two layers of strap under the bridge, depending on how you are using them.

These bridge connectors can accommodate a 25mm (1 inch) strap and can be used in various ways. They can be used as a strap holder to keep the strap close to the body of the bag… or they could be used as a strap holder to secure a flap by looping the strap through the bridge… and just as a decorative bag feature!!

Installation: Each piece is easily installed using one oblong washer and two screws.

Measurements: 25 mm x 7mm (1″ x ~¼”).

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