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Zipper end – antique gold


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Sold in a pack of 5.

Out of stock

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These metal zipper ends will help you bling up your bag or zipper pouch. So no need anymore to fiddle with sewing little fabric zipper tabs. They are also perfect to finish the end of cords.

You can use one on either end of the zipper or just the ‘end’ of a zipper.

Sold in a pack of 5.

Installation: Trim the zipper tails off so they are just beyond the metal stops at the end of the zipper. Then fold one side of the zipper tape to the back, and then the other. Slide it in the metal zipper end for a fit. Fits good? Then pull it out and get the screw started a bit. I put some glue inside that adheres to metal and fabric, such as Gutermann HT2. Refold and slide it back in, and screw the screw in all the way. For that reason, it’s important to cut off the metal stop.

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