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EZ zip (zipper threader)


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10 in stock

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Zipper threading aid.

With this tool, threading pull onto your zipper by the yard is child’s play!
Super easy to install on your tabletop and suited for both #5 and #3 zippers (and also suited for metal zippers!)


How to install:

You slide the EZ zip over the edge of a table top and insert the zipper / slider into the slot on the top.
Yep that’s it. No screws to adjust or anything else. It’s suitable for table tops of a thickness between 1 and 4 cm (⅜” and 1 ⅝”). No camp, no screws, so no damage on your table. It’s as quickly to remove from your table as to add it to a new place. The spring on the bottom side holds the tool in place.


How to use:

Place your zipperhead with the rounded edge forward onto the slit of the EZ zip. The top part (the dangling puller) is downwards, and the flat bottom of the pull is towards the top.

Thread the two halves of the zipper into the zipper at the same time, forming a 90 ° angle. Use both hands to pull the zipper backwards and through the zipper evenly.

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