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Odif 505 – Temporary Fabric Adhesive 250 ml


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4 in stock

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Odif 505 Temporary Fabric Adhesive is ideal for no pin basting of the quilting sandwich.

It avoids threading steps and the use of pins.

It is also used for temporary and precise holding of the fabric during sewing or machine embroidery.

It does not stain the fabric. Acid-free. Solvent free.

Does not clog needles.

It evaporates when the fabric is handled and disappears when washed.


How to use:
Protect work surface.
Shake well before each use.

For patchwork, 505 Temporary Fabric Adhesive is ideal for assembling the quilt sandwich without basting:
spray at 25 cm, directly onto the batting.
Position the quilt top and then turn your patchwork over.
Spray again on the batting and position the backing fabric.
For embroidery, place the stabilizer in the embroidery hoop, spray the 505 adhesive on the stabilizer and then adhere your fabric or garment without hooping.
This method prevents hooping marks on the fabric.

Tip: To clean the embroidery hoop: wash with soapy water or use DK5 Odif.

In case of stains: Dry clean.


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